Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coming up with ideas to raise cash

So, I'll need to have some of my own cash when I start asking banks for large sums to open my business. Well, we have a fabulous Saturday market here in my hometown, HarborMarket, where a variety of goods are sold. From fresh local produce, hand crafted pet treats, and arts and crafts of all sorts. 

I've started to come up with some products I can create, some with a quilted tilt, that will make me some money! Yippee for me! I'm really hoping that the ideas have come up with will be well received, and well, SELL! Soon as I have a few prototypes built I'll start posting them, still researching some of the odd raw materials needed. Anyone one have a better idea for a product that is similar to a wooden carmel apple stick? So, 1/4" diameter (approx.) 5"-7" long and smooth. 

I'm so very new at this blog thing that I hope you bear with me, while I learn, learn how to post, learn what the heck all the programing terms mean, figure out how to get some followers. I think I foist this on some unsuspecting FB friends! Maybe throw some idle threats out there :)

Have a Sewendipity Day!

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