Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lily's Quilts: HUUUUUGE Oakshott shot cottons Giveaway

Lily's Quilts: HUUUUUGE Oakshott shot cottons Giveaway You won't believe what you could win! So, hop over and see what the what and how to win!

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Diane {from blank pages...} said...

Hi Bethany, You are a no-reply commenter, so hopefully you get this. The flickr group is here:

Jennifer of Knotted-Thread is in charge. She lives in Hawaii but will be going to her home in New Jersey in December, and will be taking all the quilts with her then. You can find the tutorial for the block in this thread, where you will also need to sign up to let Jenn know you are planning on making some:

I'm sorry if my blog post was unclear about all of this. I thought I had put all the links in, though I know I put a lot of different links, so I will go back and fix that.